The Humane Society is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Arkansas. The purpose and policy of the Humane Society is to protect, care for, and reduce the population of neglected, abandoned, homeless, unwanted or abused animals within Baxter County and 25 miles surrounding area with particular emphasis on the canine and feline populations. The Humane Society operates an animal shelter where all the animals receive adequate food, water, shelter, and medical attention. An attempt is made to place all animals in homes where they will receive proper care. The Humane Society also operates a thrift shop to assist in securing funds necessary to operate our facilities. The Humane Society also secures grants and donations to fund spay/neuter, medical pet needs and community pet food program for individuals needing financial assistance, and engages in public outreach programs


Foster Program Application (Must be over 21 years of age)

Shelter form: Adoption Application

Shelter form: Volunteer Form

Shelter form: Surrender Cat List

Shelter form: Surrender Dog List 

      Humane Society of North Central Arkansas            Humane Society of North Central Arkansas 

                                                                        Humane Society of North Central Arkansas  

          Humane Society of North Central Arkansas

                         Humane Society of North Central Arkansas 

Humane Society of North Central Arkansas

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Humane Society of North Central Arkansas

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Maddie's Fund Reports

2016 live return rate=99.98% 

In 2016:699 new animals/14 euthanized=0.02%








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